Mo Wing Sze: Engineering creative ideas into reality

Published on 25 March 2024

“I think engineering isn’t just a subject – it applies to life. It develops logical thinking and problem-solving skills using fundamental theories,” notes Mo Wing Sze, a deputy director at JTC’s New Estates Division. Wing Sze boasts 15 years of experience under her belt, of which six have been at JTC, where she drives the development of next-generation industrial estates and business parks such as Punggol Digital District (PDD). 

Inspired by her father who used to work in the building industry, Wing Sze pursued her studies in Civil Engineering. She focused on the field of structural engineering, and later honed her skills as a blast specialist at an international multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy firm. These valuable experiences proved useful as she took on a project management role in PDD’s development. 

Mo Wing Sze is an engineer at JTC overseeing the development of Punggol Digital District
Wing Sze is one of the faces driving the progress of PDD.

What characteristics make a good engineer?
A good engineer is one who has strong analytical and practical skills to understand the problems and needs, to provide a balance of holistically creative, yet practical engineering solutions in achieving the design vision. Having been involved in some complex and challenging iconic and landmark projects, we do often need to think outside of the box to push engineering boundaries and explore new innovations and techniques, other than to provide most efficient engineering calculations of the books.

What do you love about your job?
I find my job extremely interesting, fulfilling, and meaningful. I enjoy the unique everyday challenges, from liaising with various building disciplines to hosting international delegates to share more about the work we do at JTC. The people that I meet from different projects, plus the dynamic working environments, give me a satisfying sense of achievement. 

Mo Wing Sze bringing visitors on a tour of a construction site.
Wing Sze bringing visitors to a site.

What do you enjoy about working at JTC?
There are many opportunities to explore new ideas and innovations. It is a place that embraces the “can-do” spirit and creates possibilities. I have been very fortunate to have extensively broadened my professional career, having learnt many new aspects of project management through the working experience at JTC. This was also supported by leaders and mentors at JTC, that has been enriched by invaluable professional courses, and study trips learning from international experts and project innovations.

What was the most memorable project that you’ve worked on and why?
Each project takes years to complete and every project I learnt new skills, knowledge, friends and mentors. All of them are memorable as they all marked the growth of my engineering journey. I was fortunate to have worked on some iconic and landmark projects like Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Sport Stadium, Guoco Tower and some MRT stations, that provided invaluable and unique learning experiences in building my professional career.

What are you most excited about PDD?
PDD has been a meaningful project. It has a vision to be a hub for the digital sectors as well as to bring jobs closer to homes. PDD has defined a new way on how we could plan, design, build and operate towards a smart and sustainable business district. I am excited to see the differences that PDD will make to the Punggol Smart Town, and the full potential of PDD with the Open Digital Platform.