Where the digital generation comes to play.

Technology touches life in extraordinary ways. At Punggol Digital District, you’ll get to experience it in action every single day.

Enjoy the wonders of zero-emission commuting. Discover new conveniences with smart technology. Even shopping, dining and being in touch with nature, technology enhances your experience and puts a smile on your face.
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Car-lite district

Get around easily and sustainably.

Carbon spewing vehicles take a backseat at Punggol Digital District.

Here, you’ll find seamlessly connected pathways that are designed for eco-friendly commuting. Stroll or zip around on a bicycle. Storage racks and shower facilities add to your convenience. designed for eco-friendly commuting. Stroll or zip around on a bicycle. Storage racks and shower facilities add to your convenience.

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Smart features

Get a parking lot even before you arrive.

Forget cruising around for a lot. Just launch an app and reserve a spot. When you arrive, car plate recognition technology will make entry a breeze.
Smart features

Put your best foot forward under perfect lighting.

Never too bright nor too dim. These smart lamp posts with sensors adjust themselves automatically to light your way while optimising energy consumption.

For shoppers and diners

Artist’s impression of market village Artist’s impression
Market village
Located along the waterfront and next to Promenade Plaza is Market Village. Take your pick from the many leisure and dining options—all with magnificent views of the coast.
Artist’s impression of Campus Boulevard outside Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Artist’s impression
Campus boulevard
Enjoy cycling and walking through this 800m long tree-lined thoroughfare. It’s the heart of Punggol Digital District and is the easiest way to explore everything the estate has to offer.
Artist’s impression of Nexus in Punggol Digital District (PDD) Artist’s impression
Emerge from Punggol Coast MRT Station and you’ll find this sheltered community plaza. Head here to indulge in some retail therapy or soak in activities such as performances and bazaars.

For nature lovers

Artist’s impression of heritage trail Artist’s impression
Heritage trail
Once the old Punggol Road is now a 1.3km pathway of greenery. Rest assured, trees have been conserved to protect the area’s unique topography, retaining their rustic charm for everyone to enjoy.
Artist’s impression of promenade plaza Artist’s impression
Promenade plaza
Gentle breeze and lapping waves are a welcomed treat in the bustling estate. Come here and give your mind a well-earned break. Or enjoy lunch while relishing the sounds of soothing waters.
Artist’s impression of urban farms Artist’s impression
Urban farms
Besides growing fresh produce for restaurants in the estate, these unused-rooftops-turned-farms form a scenic sky garden that brings as much joy to your eyes as it does to your tastebuds.

For the community

Artist’s impression of childcare centres and playground Artist’s impression
Childcare centres & playground
Artist’s impression of community club Artist’s impression
Community club
Artist’s impression of hawker centre Artist’s impression
Hawker centre
Artist’s impression of Punggol Coast MRT station Artist’s impression
Punggol Coast MRT station
Artist’s impression of bus interchange at Punggol Coast Artist’s impression
Bus interchange