The smart choice for smart businesses.

In the digital age, speed and readiness determine your success in the marketplace. Punggol Digital District is the smart district for businesses who know this well.

You’ll have technologies that boost productivity, infrastructure that propels you to the market faster, and even university students and academia to ignite your next breakthrough. It’s an ecosystem of opportunities, always accessible, and ready to help you win in business.

Smart facilities

Forget cards.
Access your office with just one look.

For your convenience, building entrances are equipped with facial recognition access control for hands-free entry. Starting your day couldn’t be quicker or easier.
Smart facilities

Whatever it’s like outside, it stays comfortable inside.

Smart sensors regulate temperatures in your office for all-day comfort, so your productivity remains high no matter what the weather has in store.
Smart facilities

Big or small. Your deliveries come on time, every time.

Autonomous robots are on call 24/7 to bring in deliveries as heavy as 600kg. Finally you can say good-bye to manual handling and messy coordination.

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Smart Logistics (TUG Robot)
Smart facilities

Small issues never become big, thanks to big data.

When glitches occur, IoT sensors throughout the centrally-monitored district let estate staff resolve them swiftly, long before they inconvenience you.

Got a product idea? Build and test it right at your doorstep.

Open Digital Platform being used for test bedding new digital innovation

Open Digital Platform

A highlight of Punggol Digital District, this feature puts data of the entire district at your fingertips. Test-bedding is as simple as plug and play.
Digital Twin created from real data enables safe product testing within Punggol Digital District (PDD)

Digital Twin

This virtual version of the district created from actual data provides a life-like yet risk-free environment to test your idea safely and effectively.

‘‘Someone testing can see all the data from their experiment in a desensitised manner, and if something goes wrong it only happens in the lab.’’

Ulf Pettersson
Cluster Technical Officer, ST Engineering

Industry-academia collaboration

Leverage SIT’s best brains to uncover your next breakthrough.

Sharing the same address as Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) has its advantages.

Cross the hallway and tap into resources such as labs for R&D. Or pick the brains of faculty members who have deep experience across industries and disciplines. You could also collaborate with students on projects. Who knows? Their product idea might just turn out to be your next breakthrough.

Learn more about SIT's future campus in Punggol.
Access to talent

Run your business at the heart of Singapore’s richest talent pool.

Undergraduates honing their knowledge of digital technology

Singapore Institute of Technology, the country’s first university of applied learning, is estimated to groom up to 12,000 bright young talents. This valuable resource is readily accessible by your business.
Residents from Punggol North to Punggol Coast are rich pool of talent for Punggol Digital District (PDD)

Being one of the newer housing estates, Punggol’s 160,000 over residents boast a good mix of both the young and old. Business will have no shortage of choices when it comes to meeting staffing requirements.
Artist’s impression

Business park and
office spaces

Dedicated to key growth industries of the digital economy, in particular cybersecurity, smart living and smart cities, Punggol Digital District offers digital businesses the choice of a business park and a plethora of office spaces to choose from. Move in and be among the first in Singapore to enjoy everything the estate has to offer.