Transform your business with innovation and collaboration. 

You’ll have technologies that boost productivity, infrastructure that propels you to the market faster, and even university students and academia to ignite your next breakthrough.

It’s an ecosystem of opportunities, always accessible, and ready to help you win in business.

Graduates today want to make a positive difference through their skills. That’s why everyone is so excited about the new Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) campus at Punggol Digital District.

Imagine learning at a high-tech, practice-oriented university where you rub shoulders with industry professionals, and hone skills under real-world conditions.

Open Digital Platform

A smart city operating system

An award-winning solution developed by JTC and GovTech, the Open Digital Platform (ODP) will be Punggol Digital District’s digital backbone and a key component of Singapore’s digital infrastructure.


A master operating system, the ODP integrates different district management systems on a secure and inoperable platform, driving smart and sustainable operations across the estate.

Powered by digital twin technology

The JTC Summit

The JTC Summit

A virtual 3D environment of the district, the digital twin acts as a crucial component of the ODP by extracting and reflecting real-time data on the ground. 
Woodlands North Coast

Woodlands North Coast

Ahead of the ODP’s rollout in PDD, the ODP’s digital twin technology is test-bedded at other JTC developments.
Smart Solutions

Forget cards.
Pay for your shopping or enter your office with just one look.

Payment kiosks and building entrances are equipped with facial recognition technology, allowing for hands-free payment and access to your office.


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Smart Solutions

Big or small. Your deliveries come on time, every time.

Autonomous robots are on call to deliver goods and food orders right to your doorstep. Finally you can say goodbye to manual handling and messy coordination.

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Smart Solutions

Arrive in style, depart with ease.

A holistic suite of integrated end-of-trip facilities at PDD make for a seamless and comfortable journey.


With secure bike lockers that are equipped with facial recognition technology, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and sound.


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Smart Solutions

Energy savings made easy.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning models behind cooling and lift systems gather data from multiple sources, making advanced decisions to improve operations and reduce power consumption.


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Smart Solutions

Small issues never become big, thanks to big data.

IoT sensors throughout the centrally-monitored district let estate staff resolve issues swiftly, long before they inconvenience you.


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Opportunities to collaborate and test-bed in a risk-free environment

Innovators can look forward to a secure and open environment to test ideas on a virtual replica of the district.

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A vibrant ecosystem of innovators and partners

Explore our rich ecosystem of corporations, academia, industry associations and government agencies, and take a closer look at the opportunities that await you.

1. United Overseas Bank (UOB) 
2. GovTech, Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP)
3. Wanxiang Singapore
4. dConstruct, Delteq
5. Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore (CSA)

Industry-academia collaboration

Leverage SIT’s best brains to uncover your next breakthrough.

Sharing the same address as Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) has its advantages.

Cross the hallway and tap into resources such as labs for R&D. Or pick the brains of faculty members who have deep experience across industries and disciplines. You could also collaborate with students on projects. Who knows? Their product idea might just turn out to be your next breakthrough.

Learn more about SIT's future campus in Punggol.
Access to talent

Run your business at the heart of Singapore’s richest talent pool.

Undergraduates honing their knowledge of digital technology

Singapore Institute of Technology, the country’s first university of applied learning, is estimated to groom up to 12,000 bright young talents. This valuable resource is readily accessible by your business.
Residents from Punggol North to Punggol Coast are rich pool of talent for Punggol Digital District (PDD)

Being one of the newer housing estates, Punggol’s 160,000 over residents boast a good mix of both the young and old. Business will have no shortage of choices when it comes to meeting staffing requirements.
Artist’s impression

Business park and
office spaces

Dedicated to key growth industries of the digital economy, in particular cybersecurity, smart living and smart cities, Punggol Digital District offers digital businesses the choice of a business park and a plethora of office spaces to choose from. Move in and be among the first in Singapore to enjoy everything the estate has to offer.