An innovative hub at the heart of the community.

Our city in a garden is fertile ground for cutting-edge transformation. And as Singapore rises to become a global leader in advanced manufacturing, Jurong Innovation District grows to become its premier hub.

It’s an ecosystem uniting businesses and the community, where technology, talent and sustainable design combine to inspire ideas that redefine the world we live in.

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Advanced manufacturing hub

Nurture the seeds of tomorrow’s innovations, today.

Turn any spark into a brilliant possibility with R&D and the latest smart technologies. Collaborate with our partners to build its potential, then put it all to the test at the Jurong Innovation District living lab.


Advanced manufacturing hub

Tap on fresh talent,
and learn from the seasoned.

Gifted graduates are spotted early, thanks to our partnerships with Institutes of Higher Learning. With the experienced training providers in the estate, you can also nurture the rising talents within your team.

Advanced manufacturing hub

Where logistical solutions
can be tailored to you.

Goods don’t just go with the flow. They follow your lead as they travel through the underground District Logistics Network. Customise every movement to reduce inventory, and get more goods to the market in less time.

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Get to know the best and brightest in advanced manufacturing.

Five precincts make up one collaborative estate.
Explore our rich ecosystem of corporations and partners, and get a glimpse of the opportunities that await you.

Talent & training
  1. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  2. A*STAR Advanced Manufacturing Training Academy
  3. Bosch Rexroth Regional Training Centre
Research & development
  1. Surbana Jurong Campus
  2. A*STAR Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre
  3. A*STAR Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
  4. Digital Capability Center Singapore
  5. A*STAR National Metrology Centre
Technology providers
  1. Sodick Singapore Techno Centre
  2. DMG Mori
  3. Makino
  4. Siemens Advance Manufacturing Transformation Center
  5. ISDN Software Business
  6. Fanuc
  7. Konica Minolta
Factories of the future
  1. Shimano
  2. Angel Playing Cards
  3. YCH Group
  4. Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre in Singapore
  5. SATS Food Hub
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Built for industries.
Made for the community.

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Artist’s impression

Jurong Innovation District.
Truly a breath of fresh air.

Step out of the office and into nature’s embrace. The estate is designed to maintain a sustainable balance between businesses and the environment. The result? A clean and eco-friendly estate, complete with parks and green spaces for all to enjoy.

At last. An industrial estate
that isn’t afraid to show its fun side.

Fancy some cycling after hours? Or maybe you’d prefer to end the day with some community gardening. The choice is yours to make, with the plethora of leisure activities and community programmes available around Jurong Innovation District.
Master planner & developer

JTC. Breaking ground for the next generation of industrialists.

Over the years, JTC has played a pivotal role in keeping Singapore’s industrial landscape innovative and forward-thinking. 

Jurong Innovation District is our answer to the emergence of Industry 4.0. Designed for the challenges—and rewards—of the new industrial revolution, the advanced manufacturing hub prepares our nation for a new era, giving both businesses and our nation a powerful springboard to stay one step ahead. 

To learn more, visit JTC.