Find, train and
build a formidable talent pool.

Creating the innovations of tomorrow is no easy feat. At Jurong Innovation District, you will find the ones who readily rise up to the challenge.

Scout for rising talent through our partnerships with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Polytechnic (SP). And train your workforce with the support of experienced training providers. Here, the opportunities for growth are endless.

Fresh talent

Get first dibs on NTU’s
cream of the crop.

Your team deserves only the best. And with Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) in our backyard, you can expect to welcome new hires that are top-class.

NTU is world-renowned for its academic expertise and cutting-edge research. In partnership with them, we have launched the NTU-JTC Talent Development Programme, which lets you tap on a pipeline of skilled talent to grow your team.

Get in touch with NTU.

Fresh talent

Spot upcoming talents with SP’s work-study programmes.

Talent shines through at any stage of one’s career. Diversify your talent pool by welcoming new teammates with a broad spectrum of experiences—much like the students, entry-level professionals and employees from work-study programmes by Singapore Polytechnic (SP), an Institute of Higher Learning specialising in advanced manufacturing.

‘‘It is a win-win formula. Our students get to learn the ropes from our partner companies’ wealth of experience, and at the same time, the advanced manufacturing sector continues to see a steady stream of skilled talent to meet rising demand.’’

Professor Ling San
NTU Provost and VP (Academic)

Workforce upskilling

Excel in new environments at the Bosch Rexroth Regional Training Centre.

There, your teammates can get acquainted with the skills they need to work in a smart factory. They’ll also have the opportunity to become an Industry Specialist through an IHK certified training programme.

Unique to the Bosch Rexroth Regional Training Centre, the Industry Specialist AHK i4.0 course trains your teammates to devise, select and implement methods and technologies for Industry 4.0 in the workplace.

Sign them up for the programme here.

Workforce upskilling

Level up your workforce to become Industry 4.0 ready at SP.

Enjoy a smoother ride on the next wave of change, when you have a team with the technical know-how.

The JTC-Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Industry 4.0 Transformation Initiative is designed to achieve just that, by helping your team transition to an Industry 4.0 environment and gain hands-on experience at SP’s smart facilities.

Workforce upskilling

Chart a course for organisation-wide learning with SkillsFuture.

There’s always room for growth. Whether you’re looking to upskill your junior staff or a senior team member, you’ll find the courses you seek with the SkillsFuture Series on advanced manufacturing.

Take your pick from over 400 courses of varying skill levels, which cover areas like cloud computing, microelectronics, technopreneurship and more.